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Ningbo Yoursensor Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a global electronic product development and manufacturing enterprises, the main products include automatic door electronic accessories, gated access control products and auto-sensing sanitary products. "You still" (YOURSENSOR) series products are widely used in automatic door sensors, control systems, building access control and attendance system, automatic bank management system and public sanitary system.

The major products are still excellent supporting automatic door sensors as well as manufacturers and installation of sanitary engineering and traders. On the basis of the excellent technology to provide more cost-effective products to our customers. Leading technology products, stable base to lay roots, attractive appearance to meet the market demand, high-quality after-sales service to worry. Better yet, change your life.

Yoursensor products include: microwave sensors, infrared sensors, access control card reader, door sensors function switch, infrared collision sensors, non-touch switches, wired hand pressure switches, wireless hand pressure switch, single beam safety light, dual-beam safety light, three-beam safety light, automatic doors backup power, access dedicated power supply, exit button switch, power locks, electromagnetic locks, fingerprint and other accessories.
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